Happy New Year


Time for Peace

Happy New Year to all!

I spent New Year’s Eve day at work, asking customers:
“2007-was it a YES or NO?”
Mostly, No’s, or begrudging “okays.” So then I asked, well, did you learn anything that will make 2008 different?
People softened, responded, at least storing that question away for later contemplation. I am not fond of the hoopla that surrounds the New Year. If anything, it’s a time to look back, assess the mile markers, give thanks and realize your future intentions. Something I recommend doing as often as possible, no need to put it off. Unfortunately, many people stumble through the night, drink away their frustrations and wind up with lousy hangovers to greet the New Year. Oh, and the social pressure of hasty, superficial New Year’s resolutions, along with the performance anxiety to which people generally acquiesce by late January. Personally, I’ve discovered that it’s more effective to celebrate frequently through the year, play as often as I can and accept there are hardships in life which make me stronger. I can’t confront my own demons, or anyone else’s if I’m not participating in my own life with an active determination. This year I experienced what it really means to point two fingers, not one. Point two for accountability-how am I responsible? How can I generate change? Essentially, I removed myself from the detached role of passive onlooker, victim, or angry critic.

2007 was the best year of my life. It was the year where my philosophies were put into direct action. I experienced an inner peace that I have never known before, with this I have seen the dissolution of fear, programming, anger and judgement. There are so many diverse souls that came into my life this year, who interacted with me along the journey; helping, teaching, playing, loving and supporting. There is no way to express to each individual how amazing you are and the amount of appreciation I have for you. I can OM, I can pray, I can take care of myself, I can make snow angels, frolick, and I can keep working for peace and justice. A deep bow in gratitude. I wish you all the prosperity, both spiritually and mentally, that one needs to sustain themselves and our global community with happiness, progress, and joy.

Please, join the peace movement. It starts with you and then it spreads. Please, in 2008, discover the most joy and intelligence through living, that harms the least people, and Pass it On.

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