Meet Mamma Peace


“Peace is an inner experience. An awareness that, the I that is I, has no end. That that ‘I’ is connected to the whole universe. The uni-verse, one voice. Peace does not depend on events ‘out there.’ Peace depends on becoming conscious of my thoughts, then I can consciously choose creative thoughts of love instead of destructive thoughts of fear. Our thoughts truly become our reality.

As each one of us consciously change our thoughts, our collective consciousness of ‘one voice’ changes. The’I AM’ is crucial to peaceful coexistence. Then we KNOW that WE are crucial to the whole of existence. But only by being peace, not by dictating peace, or forcing peace, or demanding peace.
Be peace. Blessings.”

It is part of the Speak Your Peace project to pair photos with peace definitions. In tribute of my Crawford Host, meet Kay. She is a wise, wise woman. She has taught me a lot in the mere 3 times we have spoken. Actually, we’ve spoken more on the phone than we actually did in Craword, TX, with so many people and interviewers around. I want to thank her for maintaining a Peace House in the hostile waters of Crawford, and for understanding that it is important  people have a refuge to speak their truth. She has served her global community well with these efforts, dealing with us fired up activists and she continues to recognize the way to peace and justice is to BE THE WAY.

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