Kucinich is the one

Congressman Dennis Kucinich will be visiting our town, a little blue city in a red state, on Friday. PJ Chmiel MasterpieceThis post is a tribute to him. A couple of years ago I heard a speaker, Marianne Williamson, comment that in most countries there are fourteen political candidates to choose from and 2 choices of toothpaste. Yet, here in the land of democracy, it’s the exact opposite. In resistance to our diminishing democracy and trepidation that neither Hilary or Obama will offer anything other than empty rhetoric-I hereby pledge my vote to Kucinich. I’ve followed him for years and believe he is the best Democratic candidate. He has both the experience and ethos to lead our country towards a better future. I refuse to buy into the idea of “wasting a vote.” Its truly our democracy wasting away if the “little guy” with big ideas can’t get the spotlight, just because of money and popularity. I believe there should be a network mandate to offer Presidential candidates free air time as to avoid the war chest competition. Perhaps then we wouldn’t have to pay high prices to go hear our potential leaders speak.But either way, this Friday night, December 7th, from 7:15-8:45, I’ll shuck over the $20 to hear him speak. Maybe I’ll get the student discount. I’ve heard him speak for free a number of times when I lived in Oberlin, OH and he is an amazing orator. So is Barack Obama, but as much as I would love to see a black man win, I feel Barack makes empty promises. I snuck into a campaign speech by him in Portland, OR. There was a lot of contagious gusto, but then he said, “Within the first year of my administration-we will have Universal Health Care.” I lost interest after that bombastic statement, despite how badly I DO want universal health care. Our country has endured enough pompousness and arrogance. I know I want integrity, experience, commitment, peace and ethos.

What about you?

PJ Chmiel took some time to lend his graphic design prowess to the Kucinich campaign-which was surely lackluster before. Definitely take a looksee over at PJ’s webpage: http://pjchmiel.com/president_kucinich.html
Kudos to him for the volunteer work and snappy designs. I love them,want to get a shirt, make a yard poster-the money earned from his sales goes right to the Kucinich campagin coffers.
And that’s pretty darn swell. Speaking of swell, well, gee, you should check out this informative, witty video since you’ve got some more time to spare! For more information on the best person for the job, check out the official Kucinich page: http://www.dennis4president.com/home/

Don’t waste your vote! Don’t waste our future!


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