I’m going through my music, putting together a playlist for Jessica and Steven’s wedding, which I’m a Djing. It’s a time consuming, albeit FUN and nostalgic process. My music collection is deeply intertwined with my adventures, a thread into the Labyrinth of memories that I am sorting through these days. A lot of my music is also anonymous, simply labeled Track 01, Track 02-you get it. Anyhow, I also just finished reading Into the Wild, a non fiction account of Chris Mcandless travels around the country and into Alaska; an ultimate spiritual journey that resonates very deeply with me. The lyrics for this Air song, Universal Traveler, just heightened the moment so take a moment to share this moment with me.

“Universal Traveler”

I know so many places in the world
I follow the sun in my silver plane
Universal traveler

If you have a look
Outside on the sea
Everything is white
It’s so wonderful
Universal traveler

So far, so far
So far away

I met so many
People in my life
I’ve got many friends
Who can care for me
Universal traveler

Just feel everywhere at home
Is a brand new day
Let’s go somewhere else
Universal Traveler

So far, so far
So far away

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