Desert Rose

Hey friends. Wow! The Wall of Beliefs has seen more posts in two days than it did in two weeks! That’s great! Help us reach the goal of 1 billion definitions.
I must get some miles behind me, and will update later tonight. Hopefully, I exit California today, after two and a half weeks of adventures. Of course California welcomed P.E.A.C.E SCOOT, but it’s time to say my goodbyes to the Promised Land. The desert views are amazing, right now I am in Joshua Tree. On my way to Palm Springs, to stay with Tiffany, I witnessed the most beautiful thing….

Behind me the sun was setting, as I reached the desert. In front of me, the swollen, luminous Harvest Moon was rising. Quite an auspicious arrival.

Smoggy Sunset

Moon Rise

More to come: LA, the scooter, Palm Springs madness, and Joshua Tree. For now, here is my JT album cover photo!



PEACE is: the perfect random shuffle on my iPod.

A conversation with total strangers

Knowing that change is happening

being that change

a 277 mile ride through the desert



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