Give P.E.A.C.E a chance-buy a peace sign scooter seat cover-and give P.e.a.c.e some cash, too.

I arrived to San Francisco after a really gorgeous drive down Hwy 101, stopping to camp in the redwoods and to visit a Peace Festival. IMG_3174There are an abundance of friends here in the Bay area, most of who I used to work with at Omega. Back then, in addition to free classes, room and food-we made anywhere from $50-$150 a week. Slim living, but we had everything we needed and access to some of the best teachers in the world. It’s great to see my friends doing well for themselves and also nice that they are generously helping me out.

So, the past couple of days I’ve taken advantage of free housing, using the time to do some evaluating-my finances, the amount of miles left, and a feasible date for the finish. IMG_3210Well, the finances are null at this point, I have 3,500 miles to go, and will arrive Crawford, TX on October 13.

The arrival has extra days buffered in, also. I’ve been buckling down and contacting a lot of organizations and press, hoping to generate attention about the Peace Ride. It’s been a lot of busy work, so I’ve fallen behind on updates. Many thanks to those people who have responded to the fund raising letter I sent out, with encouragement and donations. (It’s posted at the bottom of the page for your reading pleasure.) One of the GENIUS responses to my solicitation was Crystal of

As a gift, she made me a scooter seat cover and shipped it to Fargo, ND.
I’ve been rocking the bedazzling peace sign scooter seat cover (say that 3x fast) ever since. Crystal has a nice business creating made-to-order “totally fantabulous” seat covers. For her part in helping out P.E.A.C.E SCOOTER, she has decided to make a limited-edition version of the scooter seat cover that she gifted me. She has made 10 peace-sign scooter seat covers, for any scooter model that she typically makes scooter covers for, and (drumroll) 50% of those 10 sales go straight towards my tipjar to help cover expenses. Now, folks, that’s incredible for all parties involved!
For more info, and to find out how to order, go to


Thanks so much Crystal-and let the sales begin!
More updates coming up!

Fund raising letter: (feel free to cut and paste to send ahead)

Dear Friends and Family,

I am sending out a brief update to let you know about the Peace mission.
P.E.A.C.E SCOOTER has been on the road 9 weeks today. The goal is to put Peace on the map, and along the way, ask Americans to visualize and define peace. To date, I have covered more than 7, 500 miles-experiencing communities across our country and talking to thousands of Americans about their beliefs. The ride has been one of endurance and inspiration. I have experienced drastic changes in both climate and culture; challenging my own limits and also pushing beyond social dogmas. It is a life defining experience to create a common ground with strangers that allows us to discuss transformation, community, and Peace-despite religious and political backgrounds. Back in July, I left my job and home, driven by the message that if each and everyone of us can personally define peace, we will begin to create more Peace in our world. With joy and determination I have shared the stories of others with you, through I am extending the invitation to you and your friends to participate in the online forum, by offering us your definition of peace. The forum was created to showcase our perspectives, a place where we can utilize diversity and appreciate the beliefs of strangers.

P.E.A.C.E Scooter still has 3,500 miles before the Peace sign is complete. I will arrive, at the “finish line,” Crawford, TX, on October 13, less than a month away. I also extend an invitation to join me that day for a pro-peace demonstration.

I am reaching out to you because I really need your support and show of solidarity. I, alone, do not have the resources to complete the trip. Many people have kindly offered me their homes, meals and helped to raise some donations. P.E.A.C.E Scooter is a grassroots demonstration that needs funding to stay on the road. I rely on community resources and networks. Even the smallest donation helps, and can be made through the website, under the link, “donations.” The journey has taken a few weeks longer than originally planned, and as of October 1, my rent is due-with no income to send home a check. There are also expenses like gas, food and lodging.

I do need your help to generate awareness about the Peace project, please help me contact people-organizations, friends, radio, newspapers, TV stations. I have created a huge social mobilization project and want to reach as many people as possible! Many anti-war organizations endorsed the Peace Marchers-helping them get funding, press and places to stay. Please help P.E.A.C.E Scooter get the same amount of recognition and assistance, as it has achieved the same scope and vision-promoting peace-and at a level where life, politics, spirituality and art intersect. I have poured my life into this cause.

Thank You for following along and offering your support. I am honored by the conversations that people share with me daily. All across our vast country people are building bridges with me. You are helping to bring light, awareness and hope into our world and consciously embracing the need for change. This is our commitment, in positive language- to plant seeds that dissolve hatred, suspicion and apathy. To revel in living. To create Peace. To foster community. To be the change we wish to see in the world.

Alix Bryan

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  1. hey!
    i caught you snapping some pictures of my vespa (’71 orange rally 180) outside of zeitgeist the other day! i hope i didn’t scare you off when i approached you!
    just wanted to let you know i stopped by and i think what you’re doing is neat! good luck on the rest of your ride!

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