Yes. Today I was pulled over for speeding. The cop said, “Whoah, you drove that thing all the way here from Virginia?”
“Why, yes, sir. That’s 6,800 miles and I haven’t gotten a ticket yet. I hope this won’t be the first.”
He ran my license and let me go.
My speed?
35 mph.
Man, you lose points if you get a speeding ticket for 35 mph.
I asked for a picture of him and he said no-so I got the car driving off.

One Reply to “911”

  1. That THING! Harrumph! I hope you didn’t get a ticket. By the way, how is the Buddy holding up? I have a Vespa LX150 and it has almost 15 THOUSAND miles on it and I’m becoming concerned about the number of miles.

    Are you going to ride the scooter back home from Crawford TX or will you have it trailered home?

    THING…the brute!

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