Pacific Coastline

Last night I walked on the beach and saw a Pacific sunset. It’s the first time I’ve glimpsed the Ocean all summer. I scribed “Peace” in the sand, feeling renewed, baptized by the Ocean.
When the rays were just disappearing, I located a camp ground. My neighbors were pleasant Canadians, who looked surprises when me and Audrey pulled in. Turns out that Tanis just became a recent Vino owner, so she was excited to see how you can load one up! I cooked up some dried stuff, did some typing while loud gospel music drifted through the campground. It was a good night camping, no massive thunderstorms like the last time.
Love the morning ritual of my French Press and today I cooked grits. Erika packed me up with some Stumptown beans, roasted in Portland. There’s a bunch of camping ahead, a lot easier on the West Coast. I’ve anticipated this beautiful drive down Highway 101 for months! I’ve now been on the road 2 full months and there is only 3, 600 miles left. Today I should make good enough time to see the Redwood Cathedrals!

Well, there is a lot happening in the world. The Peace Marchers are arriving into D.C. In fact, with the time difference they probably already have. They were on my mind first thing today. I offer them a very deep bow for the pilgrimage they have made. They have walked over 3,000 miles in loving service-marching with the belief that we will create a world of peace and non violence. I understand an epic journey and fully recognize that their crew have endured many obstacles since hitting the road May 21. Congratulations!

Be the change you wish to see in the World! Pointing two fingers from the West Coastline proper-Alix

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