Bumbershoot *Addendum*

Attempts to attend the festival were met with success! It is nice to know people are reading this website-a few of whom contacted me with an extra ticket. The first day Ralph and I went to the festival. We checked out The Darrell Grant Trio, Apples in Stereo, Ian Ball, Andrew Bird, and Zap Mama-as well as played some skee-ball. My score was better but still not good enough to win a prize. Oh yea, we went to 5 minutes of Sean Paul before I had to exit that train wreck. I was much happier with the quirky croonings of the songbird himself-Andrew Bird. Labor Day I wound up with a gig volunteering in exchange for an all day pass. That seemed like quite a deal to me, and so I worked information/switchboard for three hours. Everyone there was super chill. The other volunteer agreed with me that it would be nice, if on our shift, we could see Lost items returned to people. So, we set out contacting them any way we could. If there was a driver’s license in a wallet, we googled the name for a landline phone and called the person. We were actually successful! I was also able to get some people their lost cell phones back. I called the number listed in the phone and left a voice mail message with directions to Lost and Found. An early, yet rewarding way to start the day. It was an action packed day, so I am pretty exhausted.

Check out the “Bumbersnap” Flickr Set to witness the festivities.

Today’s noteworthy acts,that I attended, were: Lyrics Born, Allison Moorer, The West Coast Poetry Slam Competition, My Brightest Diamond, Vaud de Vire Society carnival performance, and Wu-Tang. I also spent hours in the Flatstock poster and silkscreening exhibition-which is a traveling exhibition worth checking out if it comes near you. Conflict of timing to see Steve Earle, though I really wanted to. Saddest miss of yesterday AND today was Jeanine Garofalo. I adore her and apparently hundreds of other people do too-they just got in line faster than myself. Distributed hundreds of postcards and had many a great conversation. The dancing shoes were also tearing it up! Just the lift my soul needed! Tuesday morning I am headed to Portland, Oregon. Looks like a rainy forecast all day, but at least I have a new back tire thanks to the guys over at Ducati Seattle-who I will introduce to you at a later date. Stay tuned to meet those characters and the MISSOULIANS from Montana. Thanks for reading-feel free to post on the Wall of Peace Definitions while you are here.

(old news)

Anyone have an extra ticket? I’m here in the Emerald City, Seattle, WA.
Serendipitously enough, Bumbershoot Music and Arts Festival is this weekend, a three day festival with some noteworthy acts playing and performing.

I would love a free ticket-the process of manifestation has begun. I promise I will not buy one. I will sit outside, hackeysack, rabble rouse and tell jokes until someone graces me with the golden ticket. My quest to get inside the gates has begun. Wish me luck, but even better, offer your wayward traveler a free ticket.

I promise to get the body groovin’ and to smile mucho grande!

UBUNTU (I am because YOU are)

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  1. I love that you got to work a switchboard stint…
    and p.s. I got that CAPS hint.
    Way to rip up Seattle, Scooter Girl.

  2. I was happy to see my fellow Seattlites take such good care of such a great person on a great feat. Good luck in the rest of your travels. I will be checking in to see how the trip turns out.

    Ps I had stamps sorry I didn’t give you any.

    Tracy at Buca Seattle

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