From the Devil’s Lake to the Garden of Peace

Ah, stretchin, sippin, typin away at the Liquid Bean in Devil’s Hill, ND. Moments ago I just got to play with some kids who offered me their little snappers that pop when you throw ’em at the ground. The day is opening up nicely. Topper’s Motel provided that 8 hour type of slumber where you just don’t move an inch, nor dream a bit. New Orleans was the last place I made myself forget about the alarm clock and enjoy a nice reprieve. Of course this motel had none of the decadence of Hotel Donaldson, but I did experience a similar warm greeting from the owner as I did at the HODO-and I also got in some z’s. Glenn and I chatted about numerous things, he offered me a $20 room, and even cleaned the air filter out on the scooter this morning. Keep in mind Audrey’s been driving through farmland for more than a week and her air filter showed the proof-I was giving her asthma! I also dressed Audrey up this morning with her new scooter seat cover, that Crystal shipped to me in Fargo. It has bright peace signs all over it and is a yummy fleece texture for extra bum lovin’! I arrived here in the dark last night, after a chilly but beautiful 180 mile ride. The beauty of the sunset far surpassed the raining bugs. The ipod was cranked on a live show from Pembrokes Pines, FL, don’t know what year, but, Ohia, thanks man, the music accented the setting sun/rising crescent moon perfectly! I traveled 12th Ave over to Route 18N, to Route 15w, to Route 1N, picking up Highway 2W on in to Devil’s Lake. The movie Jesus Camp put Devil’s Lake on the map for many. The movie provoked some controversy, and as a result the camp has been shut down. I realized it was on my way over to Missoula, so I made it a vector-for purposes of healing work. I would like to see more people of faith welcome the diversity of peacemakers out here in the fields. I have noticed numerous war memorials and military statues (built in childrens parks nonetheless) throughout this part of the country. Also, many pro-life advertisements. It’s a highly conservative area, and many from this area have patriotically served in the military-so I thought it would serve to deliver an inclusive peace message. Afterall, P.E.A.C.E SCOOT is Fundamental-not political or religious.

Today I am headed up towards the Canadian border to visit the Peace Garden. I noticed that the North Dakota license plates said, “The Peace Garden State,” and discovered that, nestled on the Manitoba and North Dakota borders is an International Peace Garden. Seems worth going a bit out of the way to put it on the Peace Map. Ya, you betcha! Then I will start the long tour of Montana, eventually winding up in Missoula for a peace potluck with the Jeanetter Rankin Peace Center and scooterists of Missoula.

Blessed are the Peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God.” Matthew 5:9

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  1. Hey.. it’s the girl you met at the gate of the Peace Garden’s.. I must Say.. it was very intresting meeting you… it’s people like you who make it fun to work at the peace gardens.. or even fun enjoying life to know that there are people out there promoting peace.. i think it’s awesome that your doing this… i just thought I’d say that

  2. Sara Lynn-Glad you checked out the website! Thanks for letting me duck the entry fee! Don’t forget, leaving your definition of peace or your vision for the future is a way for Americans to experience other perspectives. I hope you come back by to do that! It was good to meet you!

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