Animoto-domo arigato

Ok, I don’t do tech reviews. I spend enough time using gadgets in some half baked way that works well enough for me-the last thing I want to do is review said gadget.
Other people do tech reviews and there is plenty of worthy buzz going around about Animoto. According to their mission, they hope to acquire Google by next year. That’s bold and with that same zealous energy they created a program which uses Cinematic Artifical Intelligence to make your digital photos rock. Yep.

“Cinematic Artificial Intelligence technology that thinks like an actual director and editor. It analyzes and combines user-selected images and music with the same sophisticated post-production skills & techniques that are used in television and film.”

Below is an example of such supercharged videos. Thanks to Dave Mangano, who, as a bold explorer in the podcast territory, has begun using Animoto to promote his shows. Brilliant. If you haven’t listened to the podcast yet, go for it, it’s my very first……

p.e.a.c.e happenings

Warning, there are many plugs in this blog. They all represent good things and people, (except for the part about the sponsor who dissed me) so it is safe and enjoyable to proceed.

Today I met with Brendan, who works at our cutting edge local weekly paper, C-ville news. He had previously expressed interest in covering P.E.A.C.E Scooter. However, true serendipity lies in the fact that the news wanted to cover the recipient of next weeks CLAW tournament. I’m so friggin excited that it’s ME, allowing me a chance to talk about my favorite things; arm wrasslin and peace scootin’. The only downside of the video below is that you can not see the little jack-e-lope over my head-which is stealing my mojo. Can’t explain it-tattoo me, spank me, make me run 5 miles or ride a scooter 20,000-but jack-e-lopes freak me out. Watch for a glimpse of it at the end-if you can take your eyes away from the exciting thumbwrastling match!

Last week I cut a little video trailer for you about the upcoming podcast with Dave Mangano, of SCTRCST.COM. He did a really amazing job, of listening, as I rattle on and on. But there are some pretty hilarious exchanges between us and I hope you take some time to sit back and listen to it. While you are on his site, poke around and explore the other notable podcasts he has up; like interviews with Peter Moore (Vroom with a View) and Matua, from Vespadition.

The past week has yielded some progress with P.E.A.C.E Scoot planning. The grapevine has been buzzing and more kind people are contacting me about housing and even offering donations. The Peace map has seen three new additions this week: Dave Mangano, Steven Davis and Heinz Kramp-thank you all kindly. A friend contacted me and said she has a lawn and I can mow it into a Peace sign. That takes care of North Cackalacky. PJ Chmiel offered up a shiny new 2008 tour postcard that tells the story through last years photos. They should arrive this week.

Three new sponsors have confirmed interest-although I’m not counting the chickens yet. Two weeks ago I had a very promising, great chat with the head distributor from Nolan helmets. He confirmed that CIMA/Nolan would enthusiastically support the tour with a delicious, fancy intercom helmet. And since then he has left the line cold-no returned emails or phone calls. Very sad indeed. Now the search for a good helmet continues.

I sent very few sponsorship requests-I need very little. Instead I’m trying to contact peace, community, and environmental organizations around the country and also companies who can help fundraise. The few I’ve sent out for actual goods have scored about 2-5. At least people are writing me back immediately with their NO’s-the waiting game requires a lot of patience. All in all-I have a feeling that every thing will work out smoothly, no need for worry.

As of now I need a helmet, good lightweight travel stove, camelbak, camping towel, raingear, and hopefully some type of grocery store gift card. And phone-great David-my piece of crap refurbished phone can barely make it down the street.

Barista work has all but ceased starting this week-just two shifts this week-a massive relief. I think I might just be able to rejuvenate before the long haul starts. At least my sanity will be preserved. Perhaps no one knows that I have been suffering through shifts since the new cook started. I now work with the chattiest man I’ve EVER met-and I can talk a lot. I lost my voice the week he started.

OH- but good news is that I picked up a new job today, one that I can actually do from the road. I am excited to announce that team lalala has hired me on as a beta-tester. It’s a great team of people whom I admire and who have good energy. Since the software is in the works, I won’t offer details. I’m just really interested in the project and happy to generate a wee little income while traveling. Great opportunity, for reals.

In other news my favorite scooter company owner and vegetarian, Philip, should be back in country soon and I will hear news on the engine plans for Audre. Today-weather gloomy, cold and wet. Good night to watch a flick. Ciao!